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Battle of Lobositz 1756 (December 2011)

The Battle of Lobositz was played in 10 mm at our December 2011 Club Meeting.

 Frederick the Great with 29,000 Prussians attacked 34,000 Austrians under Baron de Camus and Mountany, Maximilian Ulysses, Reichsgraf von Browne, on the 1st October 1756 at Lobositz.  Frederick needed to stop the Austrians from raising the Siege of Pirna.

 Austrian centre with the Horse Grenadiers in the foreground.

 Austrian Left Flank

 Austrian Right Centre

 Austrian Right Flank


Prussian Left

Prussian Right beyond the woods
 Austrian Hussars caught in the flank, this one worked for the Prussians.
 Austrian Genz running away from the advancing Prussian left flank infantry
Austrian infantry in Lobositz
 Austro-Bavarian in front of Lobositz
Austrian infantry advancing across the bridge at Sullowitz.

 Prussian right flank infantry and the reformed Cuirassiers to their front.

 The Austrian Centre advancing against the Prussians
Prussians around Wchitnitz

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