Westphalian VIII Corps circa 1812

I stress this is my version of the Westphalian Army.

Last updated 24 Oct 2015.
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When I was a young wargamer (are the good old days when men were men and their toys were made of lead) I painted a number of Westphalian units using Minifigs.  These I sold off in the early 80's and I missed them (the guy that purchased them has not been to the club for at least 20 years). Now I have started painting (among other projects, 16th C Italian Wars, ECW and ACW, plus the painting I do for two friends and hold down a full time job, plus entertain the grandchildren) a new Napoleonic Westphalian corps mostly in Perry 28mm plastics, Victrix 28mm hard plastics with some metals, (some Minifigs & Perry) the generals, guns and a couple of artillery crews (later to add Perry gun crews).

My plan is to have a corps of 3 infantry divisions (30 battalions) two small cavalry divisions (8 regiments) and about 3 horse and 4 foot batteries (25 guns & howitzers).  I have most of the figures.  I just need some gun crews, command figures and some generals.

I have now (27 May 2012) finished the 1st Division of this corps.  The units saw action at the May club meeting as a formation for the first time. The 2nd/1st Line was shot up and routed, the 1st/1st Line suffered a little loss from some Prussian Jaegers, the cavalry did well as did the horse battery.

We have decided to re-base our armies in the Blackpowder style, I like this idea. (April 2014.)
The re-basing has progressed very well, I will update the photos later of the units on their new bases (June 2014)

Upgrading all line battalions from 20 to 24 figures (April 2014).
Decreasing the size of the cavalry from 18 to 12 figures (6 bases is enough) - (June 2014)
I will also increase the Garde battalions from 16 to 24 (from 4 to 6 bases of 4 per bases except the skirmish units will be 8 x 3 figures per base) - (June 2014).

Purchased some Warlords Games, Blackpowder Late French Line Infantry. They are nice figures. I will probably use more of these guys as well as the other WG BP French. (1 Sept 2014)

The Line brigade and corps horse battery & the 2nd Kuirassiers into the flank of Prussian Dragoons (perry plastics infantry and cavalry, Minifigs Horse artillery)

Guard Hussars (Perry plastics)

Guards Artillery (Perry artillery figures, Minifigs guns)


  1. These look great. I'm planning on doing a couple of units of Westphalians as well. What figures are the most accurate. I don't do plastics, and prefer Front Rank, Calpe, or Perry. Is there a French uniform (or Saxon) that is the closest match?



  2. Hi Glen

    There are Steve Barber Models (and stevebarbermodels.com) produced Westphalians and Elite Miniatures Westphalians. You can use Calpe in their Greatcoat campaign dress, Perry French as 1812 Westphalians white uniform with blue facings, the Front Rank figures can be as well, the pre-1812 as early Westphalians, the post-1812 as late Westphalians. French post-1810 Carabiniers as Westphalian Kuirassiers, French Hussars as the Westphalian Hussars, French Line lancers as Westphalian Chevaulegers, and French artillery crew as Westphalian, same with the Generals and equipment etc.
    Hope this helps.

  3. These are nice - but why do soldiers that already wear greatcoats still have greatcoats upon their backpacks?

    1. Some in Royal Guard are privileged enough to have an extra.
      If there is one constant about uniform regulations (more so then than now) is that there were many variations and the disregard for said regulations.


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